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Lubrication Management offers reliable, sustainable, single-source lubrication expertise. We are the only lubrication resource that delivers the entire spectrum of services and overall on-site commitment to keep your facility online. We have a depth of lubrication proficiency up to date with current industry standards .

Lubrication Management will lead to fewer repairs ,lower operating costs, increased uptime and production. In short we keep the plant up and running so that customers can focus on what they do best – managing the core business without the worry of lubrication issues.


Industries  invest millions in rotating machinery and any downtime due to  lubrication issues are not acceptable .To operate at peak performance, machinery requires regular maintenance. Arguably, the most critical maintenance issue is lubrication and optimum lubrication that ensures reliability and peak operating efficiency is a challenge. It diverts internal resources, as well as time and money, away from daily operations.




COMES has had the privilege of working closely with various core sector industries in the field of hydraulic / lubrication systems over the last decade .With the experience gained over the years we have come up with the framework for lubrication management in the form of ‘C2M’.

Sole aim of the approach is conservation / maintenance of hydraulic /lubrication oil and maximize the uptime/productivity of the industrial machines .The route to achieving this goal is by following the process of Check , Condition & Monitor .

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